John stepped in the front door of his house after an afternoon filled with nerves, he was interviewing for his first job.

“Well son, how did you get on the day?”, asked his dad Stevie.

“I think I done awrite in all of them to be honest. I was shitin’ myself in the first one, but the next two I kinda got into the swing of it.”, replied John.

“Glad to hear it son, now it’s just a waiting game. I’ll grab a take-away for us the night and some cans to celebrate. Your mum would be so proud of you son, I wish she was here to see you now”, said his dad, with that proud dad grin on his face.

“Thanks dad. I’m just goin’ to chill in my room for the rest of the day. Give me a shout when you’re ordering food”, said John, and he headed up to his room to relax.

John lay horizontal on his bed and picked up the framed photograph that was on his bedside cabinet. It was a family photo of his dad, mum and himself when he was five years old. He remembered the photo being taken by his uncle on one of their many holidays to Butlins, that was a good memory.

Later that night, John and his dad sat in front of the tele with their chicken curry and cans of premium lager, while enjoying some replays of old football matches. They heard some police and ambulance sirens drive past the house, but never thought anything of it.

After a few hours of watching old football matches, John’s dad changed the tele over to the news channel. There was breaking news from the town they lived in. There was rarely any scandal in Kilmarnock, maybe the odd junkie or down and out robbing a house or a car crash, but never anything newsworthy – and occasionally a Glaswegian crowd came down to take photos of the infamous scheme, as if they’ve nae rodents in Glesga.

“This evening we have some breaking news from Kilmarnock. Our correspondent is on the scene with the details”.

And the camera switches to some one standing outside a local newsagent, with a background filled with blue flashing lights from the police cars and officers keeping the nosey bastard public away from the scene, and all the wee dafty’s trying to get on camera by pretend humping the news team or police;

“There has been a brutal murder of a young beautician from Kilmarnock this evening, outside a local newsagent. Officers are on the scene and have requested witnesses to come forward if they have any information or if they have seen any suspicious activity between seven-thirty to eight o’clock this evening. The young woman was believed to be very popular within the community, and all of our thoughts are currently with the family at this time. Back to you”.

John and his dad sat on the couch in disbelief just staring at the television.

“Fuck sake, that is terrible. I hope the dirty bastard gets caught and gets what’s comin’ tae him”, said John’s dad.

“Aye defo, prison is too good for these scumbags, they should just be hung and cremated”, said John.

“I agree pal, but we’re too soft now, we’ve got to check their mental state and nurse them back to normality before they’re released back into the wild, scandalous”, said John’s dad.

Over the next few days there was another four murders of young woman, the town was scared shitless, they started to come together like a community should, to weed out the scumbag who was ruining so many people’s lives. Marches through the streets started, Facebook groups made to share any sightings that were odd, neighbourhood watch meetings were more regular and all to help catch the piece of shit.

One week after his interview with the local council, John received a phone call to offer him a job at the local recycling centre. John was absolutely buzzing, he landed himself his first job and would be attending college to further his education as well. The man on the other side of the phone asked if John could start immediately, so he agreed he would start on Monday after the weekend.

Monday came and John was full of beans for his first day of work.

“Best of luck on your first day son, I need to head into the office early so I will catch up with you later today. Remember, just listen to everyone and ask questions if you’re not sure, you’ll do great”, said John’s dad and he patted him on the back.

“Thanks dad, I’ll see you tonight”

The recycling centre was a fifteen-minute walk from the house, so John packed his bag with the essentials his dad left out for him and left the house for his first day at work.

The first few days at work John was completing his induction and running through all the health and safety procedures involved. John was a bright boy, so everything was like common sense to him. He was given a form to complete at the end of his first week to confirm his understanding of the “do’s and do nots” around the facility. John signed it off and finished his first working week.

Before he left for the weekend, a man he hadn’t seen around the facility approached him. He was wearing what could only be described as scrubs like a nurse.

“Are you John?”, asked the man nurse.

“Aye, eh I mean yes, yes I’m John”, he replied nervously.

“Good, nice to meet you John. I’m Ben, you’ll be working with me next week. I hope you’re not squeamish”, Ben said laughing.

“No, no, I’ve got quite a strong stomach”, John replied.

“Excellent, come to my office on Monday morning”, as he pointed down the hall towards his office, “and we’ll get started, we have a busy week ahead of us. Have a nice weekend”, and Ben walked back towards his office.

Ben’s office was roughly twenty-five metres down the hall, and John was sure his office door had the writing,

“Dr. Ben Dover – Special Recycling Unit”

But he was not sure if his eyesight was playing games with him, so he left the facility to head home.

Over the weekend, the writing on Ben’s door was running through his mind constantly, and it was beginning to get on his nerves, he would just have to wait until Monday to find out exactly what was on that door, and what Ben’s role at the recycling centre was.

Monday came and it was John’s second week on the job. He clocked in and put his lunch in the canteen before making his way to Ben’s office.

He was walking down the hall to Ben’s office and as he was getting closer to the door, he realised what he thought he saw on Friday afternoon, was what he saw,

“Dr. Ben Dover – Special Recycling Unit”

This was bizarre, what exactly was a doctor doing here, and what was the special recycling unit.

John knocked on the door before walking in and he heard Ben say, “the doors open”, so John walked into his office.

“ah, good morning John. Hope you had a nice weekend. Take a seat and we’ll get started”, said Ben.

John done what was asked and sat down. Ben’s office was littered with images of nature and models of the human body – weird.

“So, you are probably unaware of what this part of the facility is for, so I’ll run through the bullet points because we have a busy schedule ahead of us”, said Ben.

“Okay, looking forward to getting stuck in”, said John.

Ben laughed, “yes, that’s a good term for it ‘stuck in’, I like your enthusiasm”.

A presentation started on the screen, so John gave it his full attention. A few slides in and John thought Ben was on the wind up, but he kept his mouth shut and continued to watch and listen to what he had to say.

The presentation finished and Ben asked if he had any questions.

“I’m confused, I thought we just recycled aluminium, plastics and food here”, John said with a puzzled look.

“Well we do, but we also recycle all these fillers and implants that our society seems to be going for these days. We can’t put that rubbish into our mother earth, can we?”, Ben said with a slight tone of aggression.

“I guess we can’t”, replied John.

“No, we can’t. Humans are a disease to this planet, and we are responsible to correct our actions”, said Ben.

John sensed that Ben was passionate about the care for the planet, so he did not do or say anything else that would antagonise him.

“Lets get started. Put on the PPE behind you and make your way to the morgue, I will meet you there”, said Ben.

Morgue thought John, what the fuck is going on. He put on his PPE and did as he was told.

When John entered the morgue, Ben was taking photographs of four naked young ladies. Immediately, John recognised who these ladies were, they were the victims on the news that were murdered by the unknown assailant.

The next thing John noticed was the breasts of the ladies, they all had implants, he’d seen enough movies to know what was natural and what was enhanced.

A cold bead of sweat ran down John’s back to the crack of his arse and his throat seemed to dry up quicker than a nun’s chuff.

Ben ran through the work involved and John understood his responsibilities. All he was expected to do, was watch the doctor work while holding a stainless steel bowl, then weigh whatever the doctor removed from the dead naked ladies.

A few hours into the shift, the doctor had made incisions, removed implants, and sewed up the wounds.

John sensed a change in Ben’s personality when he was working. The doctor would continue to make comments on the dead naked ladies, it was starting to get a bit weird.

At the end of the shift, John felt a bit uneasy around Ben, he had a gut feeling that Ben was not all there.

“Any plans tonight then John?”, asked Ben.

“Not much, playing football with some friends, but that’s about it, what about you?”, John said.

“I’m going to binge watch the series Dexter, have you ever seen it? The man is like my hero, murders wrongdoers while working in forensics, no one expects a thing”, said Ben.

“I haven’t seen it, TV shows aren’t really my cup of tea. I prefer live sport events.”, replied John.

“I respect that. Enjoy your game tonight then, hope you don’t get caught in traffic with the nutcases marching in the street tonight”, said Ben.

“Nutcases?”, said John.

“Yes, those folk out marching because some girls are dead”, said Ben coldly.

John was now feeling afraid of Ben, there was something seriously strange about the man, he was a sandwich short of a picnic, so he kept quiet. He gathered all of his belongings and made his way home. His gut was telling him there was something weird about Ben.

Later that night before football, John called the police. John left an anonymous tip that Ben was the murderer they were looking for, even though he had no physical evidence, just a hunch.

John went to play football with his mates and on the radio in his mate’s car, a breaking news story came through,

“Breaking news, police have arrested a man in connection with the murder of the four young woman in Kilmarnock. The police have found evidence in the home of Dr. Ben Dover. More on this story coming up”

John just sat in the car seat felling like a fucking hero, what a weird bastard that cunt was.