Julie stepped out of the shower and stood in front of the bathroom mirror admiring her own figure while the beads of water ran down her body. She pinched some excess fat around her mid-rift, but for a woman who had given birth to two children, she was in great shape.

It was mid-morning, Julie had arranged some afternoon meetings so that she could enjoy her morning and take it easy. She made her way through to her dressing room to dry off and get herself ready. She patted herself down with the towel and stood naked in front of the mirror with the hair dryer while brushing through her hair. Julie’s phone lit up, a text message from John that read,

‘I hope you’re ready for me, I will be 15 minutes x’

A smile came across her face as she hurried to get ready. She slipped into a pair of red panties and black stockings and stuck her generous bust into a matching bra. As she made her way through to the bedroom, she lifted a silk dressing gown and smoothly slid into that as well before laying seductively on the bed.

A car pulled up outside and she heard hurried footsteps coming up the front path and in the front door, she was ready for him.

John made his way into the bedroom where he found Julie ready and waiting and he climbed on to the bed and in between her spread legs.

After an intense thirty minutes, they both lay exhausted and satisfied on the bed, smiling from ear to ear.

“I can’t remember the last time I had sex as good as that”, John said still catching his breath, and they both lay in each other’s arms.

Moments later, Julie hears the front door open and a voice from downstairs booming up,

“Julie, are you home? Who’s car is that in the drive?”, it was Adam, her husband of twenty five years and the father of her children.

Julie must not have heard the car pull into the driveway, she was too comfortable lying on John’s chest and she wasn’t expecting Adam home, and wondered through the panic why he was home.

It was too late to do anything, Adam was half way up the stairs and neither of them had time to do a thing, their little secret was going to be a secret no more.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?”, Adam shouted at the top of his lungs.

“Please Adam let me explain”, Julie said with her hands held up and the tears starting to roll down her face, “it has only been this one time, honest”, she pleaded.

“My arse, think I was born yesterday?”, Adam said rhetorically, “I can’t fucking believe you, twenty five fucking years we’ve been married and this is what I come home to?”, Adam’s rage was building and his face was growing redder and redder.

“I think I should go”, said John.

“You’re going fucking no-where pal!”, said Adam, “not until I get the fucking truth from one of you!”.

The argument and lies continued on for several more minutes and Adam’s rage grew with each minute. John was looking more uncomfortable as each minute passed and Julie was now on her knees begging Adam to listen and try to understand and she asked the overhanging question, “why are you home so early anyway?”

Adam sat on the question for a moment, walked back a few steps and picked up the bat he kept at the side of the drawers for emergency situations.

“No no no, please, don’t do anything stupid Adam babe, please”, pleaded Julie.

Adam walked straight over the John who attempted to defend himself, but was no match for the swinging bat over the top of his head, and he hit the bedroom floor with no attempt to catch himself. The blood was pouring slowly from his nose and ears, the blow was deadly, and his lifeless body just lay there on the bedroom floor.

All that could be heard was Julie’s hysterical screaming and sobbing. Adam made his way over to Julie who was slumped on the bedroom floor in pure disbelief. She looked Adam straight in the face and said, “I fucking hate you, you are a monster!”. Adam looked at her with an face with no emotion and swung another deadly blow over the head of his beloved wife, she too hit the floor and met the same end as her part time lover John.

The house was now silent, Adam was downstairs drinking a cup of coffee in the kitchen, pacing up and down the length thinking what he was going to do with the bodies, when the doorbell chimed.

“Fuck, I forgot all about that”, he said to himself.

He sat the half cup of coffee on the worktop and made his way to answer the door. He opened the door and standing on the top step was his monthly appointment, Holly, his escort.

“Hey honey, you up for some fun today? I hope your wife doesn’t walk in on us”, Holly said in a sleazy American accent as she made her way into the house.

“She won’t be bothering us today, she’s out of town on business babe”, said Adam in an equally sleazy tone.

Holly went to make her way upstairs when Adam shouted, “NO! No, not in the bedroom, how about we move this little party into the kitchen for a change?”, said Adam. Holly looked at him with a grin, she liked the assertive type.

Adam lifted her nimble frame onto the worktop and knocked the coffee cup onto the tile floor smashing it in the process, but neither of them batted an eye lid and continued with their appointment. It was the best sex Adam had ever had.