Eddie woke up in a local hospital confused for a short moment as to why he was lying in a hospital bed, but then he remembered the young neds who beat him bloody senseless.

“Oh Eddie you’re awake, thank god!”, said Eddie’s mum with happy tears in her eyes considering the circumstances.

“How did I get here mum?”, Eddie asked with pain in his voice.

“The bus driver stopped and called an ambulance when he found you on the ground Eddie, he saved your life”, said Eddie’s mum dramatically.

“Saved my life? Saved my fuckin’ life? If he wasn’t so late I would have never been jumped by those fucking neds!”, Eddie screamed at his mum. Eddie did not swear often, it was usually only at video games Eddie would swear, but never in front of his mum.

“Sweety calm down, you’re okay now, once you get some more rest you’ll be back home before you know it”, said Eddie’s mum.

A few days later and Eddie was back home. He was prescribed a surreal amount of pain medication and given crutches to help him get around due to his fractured leg. Eddie suffered a broken nose, five cracked ribs, broken leg and heavy internal bruising. Getting around the house was a task and his mum was a full-time carer for the mean time.

Eddie made his way to the kitchen where all the get well soon cards were on show from his close friends and family. His mum liked to remind him that he was loved and people genuinely did care for him.

“Morning sweety, I made some scrambled egg and toast for you, just grab a seat and I’ll bring it over to you”, said Eddie’s mum.

“Thanks mum”, replied Eddie.

Eddie ate his breakfast as well as he could, the painkillers were ruining his appetite, but he was starting to lose the excess fat that he built up over the years of no physical activity.

Once breakfast was finished, Eddie made his way back to his room to lay horizontal and watch all his favourite superhero movies and read comics. He started with the Michael Keaton Batman movies, then onto the Christian Bale trilogy and followed those up nicely with The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 animated movie. This took up a massive portion of his day, and he wasn’t even sure what time of day it was as his blinds and curtains had been closed all day.

“I wish I could fight like Batman, then I wouldn’t be in this kind of mess, I would off gave those wee neds a doing and everything would be hunky dory”, Eddie said to himself.

Over the next few weeks and months Eddie had been researching fitness guides from the internet and then following up with research on the different forms of martial arts and hand to hand combat techniques.

Using his Facebook account, Eddie found a local Thai Kick-Boxing gym and he private messaged them asking about membership and joining up. They responded fairly promptly and were very helpful and welcoming to new potential clients. Eddie arranged that he would book a block of eight classes and start within four weeks-time, just enough time to convince his mum that this was a good idea.

The time came for Eddie’s first Thai kick-boxing class. His mum had bought him all the appropriate protective gear and sports clothing so he would at least look the part when he got in there.

Eddie’s mum dropped him off at the gym, gave him a kiss on the cheek and said, “you’ll do great hun, just enjoy yourself and I’ll come get you in a couple of hours”.

An hour into the class and the instructor could see that this was challenging to Eddie, so he pulled him to the side to have a little chat.

“Alright Eddie, how you feelin’? You okay?”, the instructor Neil asked.

Eddie short of breath bent over with his hands on his knees replied, “I’m struggling Neil, I can’t catch my breathe”.

“Stand up straight and breathe in through the nose, and out through your mouth until you have it under control”, said Neil as he handed him a cup of eater.

“So what made you want to start Thai kick-boxing?”, quizzed Neil.

“Well, I was attacked some months ago by a group of young neds, they really done me over, but I didn’t have the first clue on how to defend myself. So I thought I best get some training in case I’m in that situation again”, said Eddie.

“That’s fair Eddie, but just to make you aware, we don’t encourage anyone to use what they learn in here unless they absolute have to, do you know what I’m saying?”, Neil made it very clear that under no circumstance do you start a fight just because you’ve had an hour or so worth of training.

“Yeah, I know, I’m not that kind of person anyway”, said Eddie.

“Good, now get back in there and finish this class!”, commanded Neil.

A couple of months down the line and Eddie’s physical fitness was impressive, he was sticking to a strict diet, applying himself more and more to Thai kick-boxing and generally looking after his body more and more, but there was something else growing inside of him that no one would have ever believed to be like him, a rage to find that group of neds and teach each and every one of them a lesson.