It was Warhammer Saturday again with the group, and Eddie has decided to give it a miss.

The rest of the group were growing concerned for their friend Eddie. Since the incident, Eddie had been distant and playing less games with the group, which is not like him at all.

The rest of the group continued their planned evening of Warhammer. That evening, most of their conversation involved Eddie’s transformation.

“I think he’s going to do something stupid. I mean, who joins a self-defence class to learn ‘self-defence‘ techniques?”, asked Gerry.

“But that is the whole point of joining a self-defence class, to learn self-defence”, replied Kevin.

“I think what Ger is getting at, is that most people that go to these classes generally just like to fight, so they don’t call it ‘self-defence’, they just call it MMA or something like that”, clarified Mark.

“Yeah exactly, but Eddie was never that kind of person, and he is easily manipulated. I have a gut feeling he is trying to do some stupid Batman type shit”, said Gerry.

They all sat in the garage sitting on that thought.

* * *

Ten miles away, Eddie was sitting on the edge of his bed. The only light in his bedroom was from his television. On his television Eddie was watching some more animated Batman movies while listening to some heavy metal from his computer desk.

Eddie stood up and pulled on his black tight jeans and his Batman print T-shirt. He put on his hand wraps that he uses for his Thai kick-boxing classes – it was almost like a montage. Before leaving his bedroom he pulled on his black denim jacket that he bought from Forbidden Planet, the jacket had a stitched skull emblem on the front, The Punisher.

Eddie left the house and made his way down to the local hang out spot where you would likely find the young team.

The usual spot for the young team was down the local park. They hang around in the back corner so they have a good view of everything surrounding them – like the police so they can scatter without getting caught and they won’t get their drink confiscated from them.

From a distance you could hear the noise coming from the back corner of the park, the young team were definitely there.

Eddie was dressed in all black and didn’t have any high visibility clothing on, so he almost got to the back corner without anyone noticing.

There was a group of about five boys and a few girls, all sporting the newest trend in designer tracksuits standing chatting and drinking, with some awful music blaring from a small Bluetooth speaker you would buy at a petrol station.

One of the boys from the group notice Eddie approaching. “Who the fuck are you? Are you some sort ae goff?”, said ned one.

“Wait wait wait, that’s the boy me n Paul booted fuck oot ae”, said the alpha ned. “Whit ye dain doon here ya weirdo? You wanting another kickin’?”, asked the alpha ned.

“I’m here to kick your cunt in ya wee dick”, answered Eddie aggressively.

This took the alpha ned by surprise, and he looked a little afraid by the response. Eddie always heard that if you stood up to a bully, then you usually find out they are cowards.

“Oh fucking hell, it talks!”, alpha ned responded, “Well go on then, gies a square go”.

Without hesitation, Eddie lunged with his knee upward and smashed his knee into the face of the alpha ned, who hit the ground like a wet paper towel and knocked him clean out. The female counterparts all ran away, while the remaining boys stood there gobsmacked before charging towards Eddie.

Ned two swung a punch at Eddies head – by the looks of it, it was the first punch he had ever thrown – and missed Eddie by at least five inches. Eddie countered the miss with an elbow to the throat of ned two, who fell to his knees trying to catch his breath.

Ned three went for the grab so ned four could have a go without taking any blows, but Eddie managed to escape his grip and grabbed the back of his head with both hands and he repeatedly smashed his knee off ned three’s face.

One more ned remained – ned four – he stood there with his hands up like a boxer in the defensive stance. Eddie looked at him and recognised him from the gym, but the ned never made Eddie aware that he knew him. The ned hit Eddie with a jab-right-cross combo that staggered Eddie backwards, then followed up with a heavy right hook to his side that knocked the wind out of him.

Eddie was starting to feel a bit nervous, this might be a fight he can’t win. Ned four laned a few more jabs on Eddie’s head and this was starting to make Eddie a little dizzy.

Eddie began to lose track of his thoughts and started thinking about what Batman would do, then a sudden surge of energy burst into Eddie and he charged forward and speared ned four to the ground. This wasn’t a technique he had seen at the gym but he fell through with it and started smashing both fists into ned four’s face until he ran out of steam. Ned four lay there unconscious with the blood running from his nose. The other neds were either crying or beginning to run away.

Eddie stood there victorious, looking at his victims either fleeing or lying on the ground whining, before walking away and then he heard,

“You’ll get whits comin’ tae ye ya cunt, ma brer n his pals will fuck you up”, shouted alpha ned.

“Is that right? I’m lookin’ forward tae it, just wait tae ye see the team am forming, you cunts will have nae chance”, replied Eddie and he made his way home.

* * *

The Vigilante’s are coming.