In the treatment room, Caesar was having his burst and bruised face examined by the castle doctor.

“Well Caesar, everything seems to be fine. The swelling will go down over time and you will be left with some more scarring around your nose and eye socket. Can I suggest that you do not mock your brother during practise? He seems to be gaining strength day by day and your bones can only recover from so much abuse”, advised the doctor.

“Why is he so strong? I mean he is my twin brother but my strength does not compare”, asked Caesar.

“You know deep down why he is so strong Caesar, we all do, even your father. But he is your blood and you need to show him more respect”, taking his hand from Caesar’ shoulder. At that, Caesar got up from the bed and left for his chamber without saying a word.

Darius was at the table of kings with his guards and counsel. Four king’s guard were in attendance – men that fought at his side during the war on the unspeakable – as well as two counsellors for guidance – men that are experienced in war, and have always been loyal to the king.

Darius began, “As you will be aware, our people have found out that I have laid with a woman from across the gap and birthed one of them”.

Looking around the table at his closest allies, he continued, “someone has betrayed my trust, and I want to know who. I want you to make this your priority, I will not tolerate betrayal”

There was nothing but silence around the table, every man around the table looked too shaken to speak, and this is what the king preferred, their silence.

“Onto the second problem, the woman, the mother of my children, I will need help executing her tonight. Now this will need to be done swiftly, I don’t want any complications. I will deal with Felix tonight at feast, he will not go down so easily”, the silence in the room was enough to convince Darius that the plans were understood.

Darius stood up and raised his goblet as if to formalise the plans, he took one massive gulp and turned to exit the room.