Felix sat at his window staring out at the Great city of Greyhaven, looking past the edge of the city’s great walls. On the horizon for as far as the eyes could see, there were heaps of land, filled with green jungles. He got up from the window edge to fetch himself a glass of water when suddenly he heard screaming from down the hall, his mother’s chamber. He sprinted wildly down the hall and stopped abruptly at the chamber door when he heard his father and brother inside, he could only assume that the king’s guard were in attendance as well.

He peaked through the cracks in the oak panelled door to see his father brutally beat his mother while two of his king’s guard held her arms behind her back, as one guard could not hold this proud woman back from retaliating against the man she once loved even though they were never wed – the world was not ready for their marriage.

Felix burst through the door landing a blow on the first guard that tried to stop him, his sheer strength knocked him to the floor with incredible force. A second guard attempted to bring him down with a strike from his sword, but before he could unsheathe his sword from his scabbard, Felix knocked his helmet clean off with another massive punch, his rage only increasing. As he was making his way closer to his mother, his father aimed his pistol at his mother’s head.

“Halt beast!”, he shouted.

Felix stopped dead in his tracks knowing that any sudden movement would end in his mother’s death.

“All animals obey their masters, did you really believe that you could live in this part of the world amongst humans?”, said Darius. Felix did not respond to the question and only stared with blind rage at his father and brother.

“Put the gun down and fight me like a man!”, he said full of confidence.

“And you brother, I thought you’d learn by now not to piss me off”, he said grinning.

His brother lunged at him with a small lethal dagger but Felix caught him by the arms and tossed him aside as if he was weightless. Felix ran at his father at a blistering pace with only one thing in his mind, kill. But before he could strike, his father aimed the pistol at him and shot twice, the first he managed to dip his shoulder and avoid taking a slug to the chest, but the second landed piercing his skin below his collarbone, knocking him to the floor. Felix looked up from the ground to witness the pistol had returned to the front of his mother’s skull, his father pulled the trigger and his mother hit the floor with a thud, blood slowly pouring from bullet wound. Felix screamed in defeat, his eyes blind with tears, he knew that he would be next unless he acted now. His father walked over to where he lay and pointed the gun to his skull.

“Any last words, beast?”, he tormented.

With a sudden a surge of energy, Felix bounced to his feet knocking his father to the floor and he lunged through the window onto the gardens below and landed with incredible balance. Felix continued to sprint out the castle gates and through the streets, passers by watching as they could see this hulking beast run through this concrete jungle, he had only one thought in his mind, head for the wall and leave this place.

After hours of running through alley ways and streets, he had made it to the wall. He scaled the wall to one of the watchtowers where he kicked a guard off his post who fell to his death a few hundred feet below. He stood atop the watchtower looking back at the city and round to the green jungles across the gap. He had made his decision; he was traversing the gap to the jungles.

Felix made his way to the cable cars that were used to reach the jungles. He looked around, paranoid that someone was watching him, but there seemed to be no-one around to stop him. Felix made it into the first available cable car and activated the power, pushing the throttle lever forward slowly until the car started moving forward towards the jungles. There was a loud thump on the roof of the cable car that made it rock from side to side. Felix knew someone was on the roof. He edged back to the outer edge of the car as he knew that whoever was on the roof would burst through and attempt to take his life.

A chainsword burst through the roof of the cable car ripping a hole large enough for a man to jump down through. Felix was not at all surprised to see who it was.

“Brother, what a surprise this is”, Caesar said to Felix with a sinister grin on his face.

“Who would have thought that you of all people would try and make his way to the jungles, it seems I was the only one banking on it”, he said smugly.

“Aren’t you clever brother”, Felix said sarcastically. now run along and tell father how smart you are before you give me no choice but to kill you”, he added.

Caesar raised his chainsword, activating the chain that could cut through several inches of steel alloy and any being on this planet. He lunged forward towards Felix who had no option but to dodge to the side at the last moment to avoid any fatal blow this deadly weapon had to offer. But it was a moment too late as the blade from the chainsword caught him deep in his side catching flesh and muscle. With a mighty roar of pain, he threw a right cross that landed dead centre on Caesar’ head, knocking him to one side of the cable car and his chainsword to the other. Caesar was defenceless now, on the ground staring up at his brute of a brother, but he showed no sign of fear. Felix walked over to the chainsword, admiring both sets of blades before throwing it out the window. He turned to face his brother, still on the ground, and walked towards him. Felix picked him up with both hands as if he were a small dog. They both stared each other in the eye, remembering that at one time they were friends, brothers.

“How did it come to this brother? We were once friends”, Felix quizzed, still holding him in two hands.

“We were, but you have grown into a beast and brought shame onto our family”, he returned.

“Well maybe your great king should not have lay with a woman from across the gap. He brought this on himself. Any last words, brother?”, said Felix.

“Do you think we are afraid of the jungles? We will hunt you down and kill every last one of you!”, Caesar claimed.

“Good luck with that, farewell brother”, and he threw Caesar out the cable car window, smashing it in the process, and he watched him plummet hundreds of feet below until he entered the shadows of the gap.

Felix made it to the other side, his side bleeding heavily from the cut and his chest burning where the slug had landed, he turned back to look at the city where he grew up, briefly taking in the views of the outer wall and he headed straight into the jungle.